More Pitch Fun

This week we explored pitch and vibrations further using GarageBand on the iPads.

Luckily, once we had done the Science part of the lesson we had time left over to ‘make music’!


Perfect Pitch

This term, our Science topic is ‘Sound’.  So far we have learned about how sound is made by vibrations and learned how the ear works.  Today we turned our attention to finding out about the pitch of sound and how it can be high and low depending on the speed of the vibrations.

Having listened to many different types of sound we then had fun making some of our own using straws.


Super Science

This week we have been exploring the density of liquids and solids.  We did this by laying liquids in a cup – it was amazing to see the liquids literally sit on top of each other!

We then carefully added different solid objects to the concoction and were stunned when the Malteser floated, while the Smartie sank to the bottom and the blueberry and raspberry floated in the middle!

We ended our investigation by mixing the liquids together to find out whether their different densities would mean they would separate out again.

Takeover Day

Once again the children ‘took over’ the school for the day, with various children filling in for Mr Fairclough, others answering the phones in the office while many took over from the teachers and TAs in the classrooms.

In 4P we had a great Art/DT lesson linked with our Viking topic, making Viking swords and shields:

Followed by a Science lesson where various different substances were mixed together with the end result of slime!

More MyMaths help

Another common issue seems to be a lack of ‘Adobe Flash’ which is needed to make the games load.

To overcome this you need to use a web browser that has flash built in.  Chrome is an example of this and can be downloaded for free.


Several people have asked how to save the homework.

On each task there is ‘MARK IT’ on the bottom right hand side of the screen – make sure you click on this each time you finish a page.

Sometimes you will also be asked to ‘CHECKOUT’ – this appears as a new tab on the left hand side of the screen – make sure you click it if asked to.