Amazing Viking Longships

We have been studying Vikings this term and their longships feature quite often.  We set a homework for children to create their own model of a longship and here are some of the amazing results!


Super Science

This week we have been exploring the density of liquids and solids.  We did this by laying liquids in a cup – it was amazing to see the liquids literally sit on top of each other!

We then carefully added different solid objects to the concoction and were stunned when the Malteser floated, while the Smartie sank to the bottom and the blueberry and raspberry floated in the middle!

We ended our investigation by mixing the liquids together to find out whether their different densities would mean they would separate out again.

Takeover Day

Once again the children ‘took over’ the school for the day, with various children filling in for Mr Fairclough, others answering the phones in the office while many took over from the teachers and TAs in the classrooms.

In 4P we had a great Art/DT lesson linked with our Viking topic, making Viking swords and shields:

Followed by a Science lesson where various different substances were mixed together with the end result of slime!

More MyMaths help

Another common issue seems to be a lack of ‘Adobe Flash’ which is needed to make the games load.

To overcome this you need to use a web browser that has flash built in.  Chrome is an example of this and can be downloaded for free.


Several people have asked how to save the homework.

On each task there is ‘MARK IT’ on the bottom right hand side of the screen – make sure you click on this each time you finish a page.

Sometimes you will also be asked to ‘CHECKOUT’ – this appears as a new tab on the left hand side of the screen – make sure you click it if asked to.


MyMaths Homework

We are excited to be the first year group to set homework this week through the MyMaths website. In a bid to help everyone make continuous progress in Maths we have decided to make sure Maths work is set each week to help children improve. By using MyMaths we hope children will have fun whilst learning.

We have made the assumption that all households have some form of technology that enables children to access MyMaths, however we have asked children just to let us know if they cannot access it for any reason and we can easily provide printed work instead.

Some tablets and iPads may not have Flash built in, which may prevent the games from running. Read on to find out how to overcome this:

Currently there isn’t an official App on the App Store, or Google Play store for MyMaths, but there is a work around it you want to give it a go. Please be aware that this work around is quite fiddly, especially on smaller devices like Smartphones.

1. Go to the App store or Google Play Store.

2. Search for “Puffin Academy” and download it. This is a free app!

3. Once downloaded, open the Puffin Academy app.

4. Search for ‘mymaths’ in the search bar, this can be located at the top right hand side of the screen.

5. Select ‘mymaths’. You should then see a screen that contains a description of mymaths.

6. To the right of the mymaths icon you should see the option: ‘go to Tap this and mymaths should open inside the Puffin Academy app. Mymaths should then work as it does on a PC.

7. To use mymaths in future, simply load up the Puffin Academy app. If the mymaths login in screen is not displayed, repeat steps 4 – 6.

The reason why this work, is due to Puffin web browser having flash built into it, allowing MyMaths to run correctly.

Information provided by


Stop Frame Animation Fun

Last term the children spent their Thursday afternoons creating an Iron Man model in their DT lessons.  They worked in pairs, measuring, drawing and cutting out nets of cuboids to create his body, arms and legs and some even created a cylinder for his head!   

This week the children used their fabulous iron men to create a stop frame animation using our new ipads.  It was messy, quite noisy but loads of fun and the animations were amazing. 

The children were amazed at just how many photos were needed to make a very short film!

We were so pleased with the results we invited Mr Fairclough to come and watch them – he was very impressed.